Lenta.ru: “We are not armed forces”


Interview with one of the leaders of Ukrainian “Pravyi Sektor” 15:59, March 10, 2014 Lenta.ru editor-in-chief was fired after publication of this interview and was replaced by a person with a reputation of managing a pro-Kremlim website vz.ru   The nationalists from the military movement “Pravyi Sektor” are said to be almost the main heroes […]

TVI : who shot dead the Heaven’s Battalion in Ukraine?


Who ordered shooting of unarmed protesters in the centre of Kiev, shooting to kill, with live ammunition, on 20 February 2014? There is no answer to this question form the official investigation. At the same time some Special Forces commanders, in particular those of Alfa unit of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), have already […]

Deuthsche Welle: Ukrainian Small and Medium Business Became the Main Sponsors of Maidan


In the interview with the DW, the experts explained why most Ukrainian businessmen support protests against Yanukovich and sponsor protesters.   The experts say that unlike the oligarchs, many small and medium Ukrainian businessmen had preferred to stay away from politics but recently they changed their position and adopted political slogans in a place of […]

Hadashot: It was worth living in this country to experience Maidan

maydan samoob

Wearing a kasket cap instead of a kippah in public is a typical Jewish look – this young man could pass as a teacher of national-religious yeshiva, and yet – he is one of the key people in a complex defense system of Maidan and the barricades on Hrushevskoho Street.  For understandable reasons, he has […]

Foreign Policy Journal: Misunderstanding Ukraine, Misreading Russia


The Western public’s disappointment about Yanukovych’s behavior      vis-à-vis the EU is duplicitous. Unless Brussels takes its partnership    with Kyiv as well as the Ukrainian-Russian conflict seriously, the Association Agreement with Ukraine will not be signed. Above all, the  EU member countries have to make a conceptual and practical  conjunction of their intensive […]


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To journalists, commentators and analysts writing on the Ukrainian protest movement “EuroMaidan” Collective statement by experts on Ukrainian nationalism on the role of far right groups in Ukraine’s protest movement, and a warning about the Russian imperialism-serving effects of some supposedly anti-fascist media reports from Kyiv We are a group of researchers who comprise specialists […]